Let’s Beautify Your Home or Backyard With Pot Imports

Home Magazine sat down with Noam Schimler to learn more about the eclectic products and services that they offer, as well as how they came to create their business, Pot Imports.

How did you get started in the pottery business?

We started this business about 20 years ago in the local Clovis-Fresno area. Throughout the years, we have purchased pottery from different parts of the world. Also, we visit the factories that produce the pottery to learn the process of what it takes to make a piece of art. Every piece is unique in that it is actually made from different types of earth soil. Our works of art are shaped by expert artisans from all over the world who create with various, high-quality materials. Our goal is that you connect with and find a pottery piece that resonates with you.

What services does Pot Imports offer?

Just about any walk-in customer is amazed by the sheer size of our inventory that is offered to the general public and landscape companies, interior designers, etc. We proudly carry thousands of different pottery items to choose from, like pots, vases, statues, birdbaths, wall fountains, decorative items for your home or your yard, and much more. Come on in and search through all kinds of unique pottery, from hand-crafted pieces to ceramic pieces. Each piece has its own style, and we are sure you will discover one that will catch your eye. Every pottery item we carry, no matter the shape, size or color, has a story and when you take it home with you, you become a part of that story too.

What separates you from your competitors?

We truly believe that the customer should be treated as a friend; therefore, we demonstrate hospitality on a daily basis to all customers by offering them a unique policy in our industry, an exchange policy for life which cannot be matched by anybody that we know of. Under certain circumstances, we are even willing to come to your home to give you FREE advice if you are not sure about color, size or if you simply need general ideas. We can help you find your ideal pottery collection that suits your personality and your space. It is our goal to supply you with a piece that will give you a lifetime of charm and joy.

What advice would you give to a customer when it comes to choosing the right pottery product?

Not all pottery is the same, and surely, they’re not all made from the same material. Therefore, we highly recommend that all our customers tell us about the placement of the item they intend to purchase first.

What else should our readers know about Pot Imports?

In 2001, we created the custom bubbling pot fountain, and since then, we have sold thousands of them throughout the Valley and the entire state of California. Our custom bubbling pot fountain is the perfect fit for your courtyard, front yard, or backyard space. On top of that, we offer our customers’ fountain installation and repair for a reasonable fee. We also hold customer merchandise for up to 6 months in our secure facility FREE of charge.

If you want to learn more about Pot Imports.

We hope that you visit our warehouse, and whether you purchase something or not, we appreciate you sharing your experience with others because that’s how we get 80% of all business coming through our doors. Call us at (559) 230-0605. Stop by our warehouse at 3619 N Hazel Ave, in Fresno, California and we will be happy to help you.