Fresno/Clovis Demographics

In the Fresno Market, we are currently reaching over 50,000 homes.  The average home that we reach has a home value of $339,000 and the average household income is over $110,000.  We are mailed to verified homeowner-occupied homes so that we are reaching the decision makers and not renters.

The Fresno / Clovis Home Magazine reaches 50,000 homes in the course of a 2-month period. To accomplish this we have created two lists of 25,000 homes each (lists A & B). We gathered demographic information on the TOP 50,000 home-owners in Fresno / Clovis and split that list into two mailing lists. 25,000 are mailed out one month and the other 25,000 the following publication. By expanding our list our advertisers are able to double their exposure while reaching the best demographic the home improvement industry could ask for.

An additional 1,000+ magazines are mailed to home improvement business in the area each month.