How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Home


Bakersfield Home Magazine talked with Brian Sorci, owner of Sorci Construction, to learn about custom remodeling from a 25 Year Perspective.

What services do you provide?

We’re custom remodelers who use master craftsmanship skills to create unique, one-of-a-kind projects. We look at projects as a ‘transformation of transitional spaces.’ It’s not just about remodeling one room; it’s how the remodel works within the context of the whole house. Houses used to be built with all of the rooms separated by walls. But today, people enjoy living areas that connect for flow. Even newer houses have areas that people want to update or refresh.

What should people consider before starting construction?

Custom projects don’t start with ‘demolition,’ but most often begin with an intricate look at the existing condition as the first step toward a magical transformation. We realize that people may not want to do all remodeling at once, but there needs to be an overall plan. So, consulting with a skilled craftsman is required in the earliest stages.

What is your custom remodeling philosophy?

A lot of contractors can do remodels — it’s all construction-related. Our focus is on custom remodeling-forgoing tract home construction and limiting ‘ground up/new construction’ projects to the special requests of our clients. It’s fun to wake up every morning and tackle a project that is truly unique and different.  Because remodeling is all we do, one of our goals is to stay on top of the latest designs and products that make a difference in enjoyment and livability.

Can you tell us more about transitional spaces?

A lot of homes used to be compartmentalized. Transitional spaces open up a home. Clients often want to create ‘kitchens’ that transition to great rooms, or ‘great rooms and kitchens’ that transition to ‘outdoor kitchens’ or ‘outdoor rooms.’ ‘Master bedrooms’ transition to master bathrooms, suites, and closets. ‘Kids’ bedrooms’ transition to common study rooms, craft rooms, teen rooms, and/or shared bathroom space. Outdoor spaces become outdoor living spaces with seating areas, gazebos, putting greens, fire pits, and other outdoor amenities. On the commercial side, a ‘private office’ may transition to a grand conference room. These types of ideas are what our clients are looking for and we understand these projects are far more than just a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel. We also know that for any number of reasons these projects may not all be completed at once but often over a period of years as each family determines its own goals and priorities.

Anything new and popular that you can tell us about?

One of the things we use on many projects is a Phantom Retractable Screen. The beauty of it is that it’s there when you need it, and it ‘disappears’ when you don’t want to look at or through a screen. They’re available for doors, windows, and outdoor patios or porches.

What does your team do to add value to a remodel project?

Our team strives to provide our customers with a superior experience. From office staff to project managers and dedicated carpenters, suppliers, and tradesmen, our team is dedicated to using creative skills and innovative techniques to help clients experience the realization of their dream for their home.  We use custom cabinetry with high end finishes as opposed to lower end modular boxes.

We stay abreast of the latest products and best practices for the industry through trade-oriented events. We’ve been the prime contractor on Showcase Homes and similar events, as well as involved with ‘The New American Home’ projects built in conjunction with the International Builders Show. These type of projects let us flex our creative muscles and showcase our skills. We also have many manufacturer-direct proprietary relationships that work to the advantage of our clients for both a financial and timeline benefit.

How long has Sorci Construction been in business?

We’ve been serving the Bakersfield area community for over 25 years, and take pleasure in creating lifelong relationships with our clients. It’s our goal to stay connected and collaborate on different projects through the years. We’re here for our clients when they need us for a simple repair or upgrade or a full-blown remodel. We enjoy evolving with our clients as family and lifestyle issues influence the way they use their homes and workspaces.

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