Keeping a Roof Over Your Head is our Job

Fresno Home Magazine spoke with Jason Hickox, owner of Hickox Roofing to learn more about his family-owned roofing business.

Can you tell us about your experience in your industry?

Our company was founded by my dad John B. Hickox over forty years ago. We started as a small, family-owned and operated company that serviced the heart of the Central Valley. Through customer referrals and excellent client relations, Hickox Roofing became a staple in the Central Valley roofing industry. Today, I (Jason Hickox) continue to operate the family-owned business with the same integrity and drive as my father once did. With leadership and experience, Hickox Roofing offers “simply the best” roofing service in California.

Why should our readers go to Hickox Roofing for their roofing needs?

Our staff members are highly-trained to restore and repair your tile roof and install our innovative roofing products. Furthermore, Hickox Roofing is committed to job safety and professionalism, which is why our roofs are installed by Hickox Roofing crews and backed with the Hickox guarantee. Also, we offer title 24 compliant asphalt shingles, title 24 compliant cold process roof systems, and attic insulation upgrades. Therefore, readers should use Hickox Roofing to save energy and money.

What type of services do you provide?

Hickox Roofing does residential and commercial projects. We specialize in tile roof repairs and restorations, complete re-roofs, roof certifications, and power washing to make your roof shine again. Our goal at Hickox Roofing is to provide our clients with innovative roof solutions for every situation so we can extend their roof’s life.

Any final tips you want our readers to know about your business?

The best recommendation we give our clients is to prioritize your roof’s preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance makes a huge difference in your home’s integrity and your budget. Therefore, before you need your tile roof repaired or restored, call us for a free inspection to check your tile roof for any defects that could compromise its performance. We want you to become proactive instead of reactive to roof leaks and home damages before they escalate.