Now’s the Time to Think Solar


Bakersfield Home Magazine sat down with Jeff Periera, President, and Scott Ryan, Vice President, of SunPower by Sun Solar to find out what solar can do for you.

California has always been blessed with an abundance of sunshine. So it’s only natural that Californians, Bakersfield residents in particular, would be interested in solar power.

The perfect place to start your quest for more information on solar power in Bakersfield is SunPower by Sun Solar, a locally owned solar systems provider. Sun Solar was recently ranked 12th out of the Top 100 Residential Solar Contractors in the nation by Solar Power World Magazine. This is the most definitive ranking of solar installers across the country and include companies both large and small; privately owned, as well as publicly traded.

We sat down with Jeff Periera, President, and Scott Ryan, Vice President, of SunPower by Sun Solar to find out more about their company and how it can help Bakersfield homeowners and businesses save on energy bills.

We hear a lot about how solar power can help save money on utility bills, but how much are we actually talking about?

“Most of our customers will see a substantial reduction in their energy bill; as much as 95%. In other words, if you are now paying $250 to the utility company each month you can expect to start seeing electricity bills of $5 to $10.”

Much has been reported recently abut tax incentives to install solar systems. Are these still available?

“Yes, incentives and tax credits are still available, but many operate on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you are considering solar power, you may want to act quickly.”

What about financing options?

“There are a variety of ways to finance solar installation in addition to cash purchase. Leasing and power purchase agreement programs (PPA) continue to be very popular with most homeowners.Loan rates start at 2.99% fixed APR and offer flexible terms for 20 years.”

Let’s talk about your roots here in Bakersfield. How long has SunPower by Sun Solar been in business?

“Sun Solar is proud to call Bakersfield home. The Company was officially established in 2008, but our history goes back much further. The entire management team was born and raised right here in Kern County; our kids attend the schools we attended, our kids play little league together, you get the idea! We started out here and we plan to be here for a long time to come. We currently provide opportunities for 70-80 families. We love our community and invest back into it.

About how many solar installations do you do in a year?

“Last year we installed roughly 10,000 solar panels which generated enough electricity to meet the estimated power needs of about 570 Bakersfield Homes.”

Are all solar systems pretty much the same?

“Not at all. Sun Solar offers only quality solar panels from American companies. Some solar companies purchase ‘Tier 2 Chinese’ products and install them without disclosure to the homeowner.

The problem is that these panels can be lower in efficiency and reliability than other products on the market and warranties can be questionable.”

Are there any particular solar products that you carry or recommend?

“We carry quality solar power products from a variety of manufacturers. But we are especially proud to offer the highest efficiency panels available on the market today from SunPower, a world-leading solar technology and energy services provider. In fact, Sun Solar is a SunPower master dealer, which means that we meet the company’s stringent requirements based on product knowledge, quality systems design and customer service.”

What are some recommendations that you have that will make an impact on a home?

“Keep aesthetics in mind, for you and your neighbors. Just because you can’t see it, does not mean that it can’t be seen. We suggest keeping your solar panels in a symmetric design, as it will look better from every angle.”

What kind of future do you see for solar power here in Bakersfield?

“The future for solar is bright (pardon the pun) and the sky is the limit! The climate in Bakersfield is perfect for it with long hot days in the summer and an average of more than 300 sunny days every year. With utility rates continuing to rise, the demand for solar power options will only continue to increase as well.”

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