Q&A:  Making Dreams Come Through


Home Magazine recently sat down with the pros at  DreamMaker, to talk remodeling and how to find a contractor you can count on.

What are all the services that your company provides?

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a full service design/build specialist providing a vast array of options that will fit most budgets from cosmetic upgrades to full scale design/build.  As a General Contractor, we can also address many other areas outside of the kitchen and bath realm.  Doing room additions or a whole house remodel is definitely within our expertise.  Everett Gray has been licensed since 1983 in California. He has a wealth of knowledge and a portfolio that encompasses all aspects of residential construction.

What separates us from the rest?

Experience!  Residential construction is definitely not rocket science, but years of experience can deflect unnecessary challenges that a homeowner should not have to go through. If not properly managed by a seasoned residential remodeling contractor, all kinds of chaos can happen turning a dream into a nightmare.

A full time Production Manager on staff also separates us from other contractors.  Tommy Moody has been a team member for over 11 years.  He works our system well while managing our in-house staff and our long term Trade Partners.

A “Can-do Attitude”.  So many times we sit down with customers who have previously talked with other contractors and they are amazed that we don’t throw road blocks up in front of them.  We listen with the intent to understand the need and their vision, and then advise them within those parameters while sharing our expertise.  Our design team strives to design a space that is beautiful, functional and complements the lifestyle of each of our clients.

Creativity flows from our company.  As you can see from the pictures featured we can design a project in whatever style our client wants. From traditional to contemporary – from elegant to rustic – from simple or ordinary to unique.  We have a team of engaged experts that can pull it all together to make those dreams come to a reality.    

Options and more options – Did we mention options?  From all new products to cabinet re-facing and more, we can approach a high end budget to a more conservative budget using many different options to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

Our reputation and achievements in the industry have both been validated by our local residents through the BEST OF KERN for the past 4 years and nationally by the BIG50, which only chooses 50 contractors a year for exemplary business practices.  We are very grateful for these awards.

What are some compliments that you have received from your clients?

Thank you for asking!   We just completed a Focus Group to glean from our past clients.  Consistently we heard that their experience was made easy, they appreciated our professionalism and quality workmanship.  We were a tested, experienced, and trustworthy team.  And they liked that there were no surprises after signing a contract.

What advice would you give to our readers before they start a project?

Do your homework!  Make sure you research your contractor on CSLB.com, look for additional information on their license and confirm they are properly insured.  Ask for a comprehensive referral list and call past customers.  See a portfolio of projects they have done.  Only hire a specialist in the trade that you need.

What advice would you give if our readers need some tips for a new look, other than hiring a contractor?

There are small improvements that can make a big impact if you have more time than money available.  Painting a room can make the biggest impact.  The Pottery Barn has great color pallets to choose from that will give a room a more decorator look.  Using Poly Wipe on your worn cabinets can brighten the wood again.  Also consider new knobs or pulls especially if there are none presently.  Removing unnecessary clutter and reorganizing the space by moving furniture and accessories around definitely can bring a new attitude.  In the bath-fresh towels, rugs, and shower curtains will also freshen up the space for sure.

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