SunPower by Quality Home Services Explains Solar Savings Benefits

“Masters of Quality and Service” SunPower by Quality Home Services Explains the Benefits of Saving With Solar

We sat down with the staff from SunPower by Quality Home Services to learn more about how to save money on your utility bill, receive tax credits, and increase the value of your home by going solar.

Why should people install solar in 2018?

Solar is increasingly becoming more and more popular every year for a variety of reasons. You’ll notice people everywhere such as family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are saving money on their electric bill by utilizing solar energy. So, the question remains; if you have not installed and utilized solar for your home, what exactly has stopped you? If you are someone who wanted to go solar in 2017, but for some reason, did not get around to it, SunPower by Quality Home Services wants you to know that 2018 is the best time to consider the benefits of going solar.

How does SunPower by Quality Home Services assist homeowners with understanding the current financial benefits of going solar?

We let homeowners know the latest financial benefits that solar installation brings. Currently, solar prices are at an all-time low because of price reductions with inverters, trackers, PV modules, and labor costs. Did you know that utility rates continue to rise over time due to Time of Use charges or high usage surcharges? With utility bills steadily on the rise, people are flocking towards solar solutions. A big reason to take advantage of solar right now is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), otherwise known as the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Think of the ITC tax credit as a financial payback that can help you increase your home value and save you money.

Could SunPower tell our readers more about the benefits of the Federal Solar Tax Credit?

Homeowners who install a solar system in 2018 qualify for a 30 percent solar tax credit. Also, this exact credit will drop to 26 percent after 2019, and it will continue to drop down even lower to 10 percent by the year 2021. As you can see, those who go solar are generating savings and financial benefits annually.

What other financial payback benefits can homeowners reap from using solar?

The sun shines brightly in our area. Therefore, by installing a solar system before summer starts, you can start generating energy right away! And when you generate more solar electricity than you use during the sunny months, depending on your local utility rules, you could build up solar credit with your utility. Solar credits are fantastic because they can apply directly toward your electric bills during the winter or fall months.

Does adding a solar system to my home increase my home’s market value?

Installing solar panels can increase your home’s market value by at least the cost of the solar system. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every dollar of energy bill savings can potentially add $20 to your home’s total market value if you put it up for sale. Not only can solar homeowners benefit from an increase in their home’s market value, but a solar system also helps many homeowners sell their home faster than homes without solar panels.

What sets SunPower by Quality Home Services apart from other solar companies?

SunPower by Quality Home Services is a second generation family-owned company that has been helping homeowners in the Central Valley to have a better quality of life for over 32 years. With a mission to provide the highest quality products to customers, the company is a certified SunPower Master Dealer. SunPower by Quality Home Services offers high performance residential solar energy solutions allowing families substantial savings on electricity and delivering a superior customer experience.

Selected by SunPower to represent the globally-trusted brand, SunPower by Quality Home Services is proud to partner with one of the world’s most innovative and sustainable energy companies, leveraging 32 years of industry experience and providing customers with the highest efficiency solar panels available today.

SunPower by QHS is known as the “Masters of Service and Quality” because of their complete customer care program that helps homeowners during the entire installation process. That coupled with a dedicated service team available even after the installation and SunPower’s 25 Year Complete Confidence Warranty provides peace of mind that they are the right choice when it comes to solar for your home.