High-Quality Solar With Affordable Pricing

High-Quality Solar & Affordable Pricing

Jeff Periera, President, and Scott Ryan, Vice President, of SunPower by Sun Solar told us how they can help Central Valley customers save on energy bills. 

SunPower by Sun Solar ranked 12th out of the top 100 Residential Solar Contractors in the nation by Solar Power World Magazine.

How much money can people save on their utility bills with solar? 

Many customers see a substantial reduction in their energy bills; as much as 95%. In other words, if you pay $250 monthly for utilities, you can expect to see electricity bills of $5 to $10.

Are tax incentives from installing solar still available? 

Yes, incentives and tax credits are still available, but many operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What about financing options?

There many ways to finance solar installations, in addition to cash purchase. Leasing and power purchase agreement programs (PPA) continue to be very popular. Loan rates start at 2.99% fixed APR and offer flexible terms for 20 years.

Are all solar systems equal?

No. SunPower by Sun Solar offers the best solar panels manufactured by American companies. Some solar companies purchase Tier 1 Import products and install them without disclosure to the homeowner, and those panels are sometimes lower in efficiency and reliability.

Any solar products Sunpower recommends?

We offer the best panels on the market today from SunPower, a world-leading solar technology and energy services provider. Sun solar is a SunPower master dealer, which means that we meet stringent requirements based on product knowledge, quality systems design and customer service.

What does the solar power future look like?

The future for solar is bright! With utility rates rising, the demand for solar systems continues to increase for the foreseeable future.